November 6, 2008

no go on the dentist

Today the dentist visit fir Alanna didn't go to well. I wasn't to keen on the idea of her seeing a dentist so young because I knew it would be hard for her..But in order to get Alanna in preschool they wanted a dental check up. We tried to talk her into sitting in the chair but she wasn't really having it. We tried for a little while, but I wasn't into pushing her to do something she was afraid of, so we dropped it. I scheduled another appointment for next week after her big sister Hannah has her teeth cleaned. Maybe then she can see how "fun" the bentist can be.


  1. My niece hated the dentist when she was younger!! Maybe letting her see her big sister in the chair and not getting hurt will help! Good luck!!!

  2. oh the dentist can be pretty scary sometimes! we struggle with it too over here.