November 24, 2008

on time or late?

Have you ever had an appointment and completely forgot about it? I am the type of person who is ALWAYS early. never late and remembers everything.

This morning Chris and I had an important meeting, and I forgot completely about it, until an hour after we were supposed to be there. I called and apologized about a million times, trying to explain I am not that kind of person. I feel horrible. We got to reschedule, but I still feel guilty. An entire hour slot just for us and we missed it. Now for the rest of the day I will have THAT feeling. Just that empty feeling in my stomach...Ugh, I hate being that person. How do you feel about lateness, or being on time?


  1. I would be the same as you b/c even when I TRY to be late, I am early!! ha! Just blame it on new mommy brain! :-)

  2. Anonymous11/29/2008

    I used to always, always, always be early. Then I started taking Effexor and I was NEVER early, even forgot appointments myself from time to time. That's why I came off the medicine. I'm back to being early again!