December 19, 2008

You asked for it..

Lindsey asked:

Q: What is your favorite vacation memory:

A: I have a few. My first "real" vacation by myself would be with Sarah and we drive to Florida in 2002. We stayed in her grandmas condo right on the beach. We were there a week and it was paradise. We laid out, and ate out.

Next would be the 1st vacation that Chris and I took, with no kids. It was to New York. Chris used to be in a band and they traded shows with another band in New York. We took the train to the city and had a great time.

Next would be the 1st family vacation we had. We went camping over the 4th of July at Yogi Bear park. It was HOT and FUN.

And of course who could forget our 2nd family vacay and first major road trip all the way down to Florida to see my mom and Micky. It was a great time.

So their you have it. My favorite vacations....so far. We are hoping to get back on our feet as soon as Chris gets a job and do another family vacation with Ben.


  1. New York is on my list of places I want to visit!!

  2. You have a lot of favorite vacations! Your next one with Ben will be awesome too:)