January 16, 2009


Theres no school today due to the extremely frigid weather. Theres also no school on Monday for MLK Jr. day. I think I'm gonna cuddle up with a book and relax since I won't be taking the kids out anywhere, anytime soon.

PS..I just wanted to let everyone know I have been by your blogs lately to check out whats been going on..Its just really hard to comment when you have a squirmy, cranky 5 month old in your arms for all hours of the day due to the evil awful teeth that are playing hide and seek right now. As soon as the little bugger shows himself, I will be back to commenting...PROMISE!

1 comment:

  1. Woo-hoo cuz I was missing your comments! :-)
    It is COLD here today so I can only imagine how cold it is there!!!