January 30, 2009

Guest Post

Hannah wanted to say a few things, so I let her guest post. Don't worry I monitor everything...even her email. Enjoy the mind of an 8 year old. I edited it a little to make sense like with commas and periods, but everything else is her..

Hey it is me Hannah, I think all you guys like my video and thank you for commenting on my video. The only thing I hate about the song is there is a bad word in it and that is NOT good for me to hear BAD WORDS. BAD WORDS are BAD for kids like me and my friend, her name is Chloe, she is my best friend. If you would like to email me, its hadeybre@gmail.com



  1. Hi Hannah! I did love the video - can we request another one?

  2. Anonymous2/02/2009

    Yes Hannah, please give us another video! You and Chloe looked like you were having so much fun. I agree about the bad words. You can express yourself without using the bad words. Bad words are just silly!