April 1, 2009

Cloth diapers 101

About a month ago I got this great idea to start cloth diapering Ben. I decided in the long run it would help save us money and its also good for the environment. I did a lot of research and decided on 12 bum genius diapers from cottonbabies. Just for starters. I plan on adding more to our stash soon. (I know there are a few pink in there, I don't put them on Ben, but I have used them in Alanna because she still has accidents at night, and also IF Chris and I have another baby and its a girl, she needs some pink in her life) The website was very easy to use and I got my diapers just a few days later. I must admit, Ben looks adorable in all the bright colors. My fav so far is the bright orange. Its one of my new fav colors. My neighbor helped me make a wet bag, which is just the cutest thing in the ENTIRE world. Then I made a smaller bag for the diaper bag. This was my 1st sewing project I did all by myself. I am so proud.

Here is the bigger wet bag. Its to hold the diapers we use at home. It hangs in my laundry room, and I just toss the diapers in there when we are done with them. When it gets full I wash the diapers. No smells and no fuss. Its super easy. When I was looking for wet bags on line I was finding them for $30 or more. I made this for less than $5 and that includes the zipper and the smaller bag for the diaper bag. It was clearance fabric and the inside liner was clearance too. The zipper was $3.00. In case you can't tell, the fabric is black with white puppy paws on it. Here is the smaller bag. This is a drawstring bag. Very easy for the diaper bag.
And HERE is my 2nd sewing project. This I actually made on my own sewing machine. Ben loves to chew on tags. So I made a tag blanket. I found some cute ribbon at the fabric store and some coordinating fabric. Cut the ribbon the size I wanted and just sewed them together. VERY EASY. I got to customize it to my liking and I love it. Best of all I only bought a half yard of fabric and made 2 more "chewies" out of it. Total cost was $7 for all 3. The other 2 I'm giving away as gifts. So yes, if YOU are reading this is one of your gifts. BUT I won't be telling the rest:) I have to learn how to better control my stitches. They are still a little messy. So just know these are made with love and not experience :)

I have some more craft projects in the works, but I can't post pics yet, because they are gifts and I can't spoil any more. So check back often to see what I've been up to. I also have a fuzzibunz review coming really soon. I just need a picture of Ben wearing them, LOL.


  1. haha...i am amazed by the tag blanket...kylee was addicted to the tags on her toys...that is a GENUIS idea..

  2. oh I so want to clothdiaper next time around. and cheers to you on the DIY project - you look like a pro!

  3. Ben is the cutest model for those diapers!! and, I love your projects...I have always said I wanted to learn how to sew but haven't done it!!