May 26, 2009

A story about camping and 1 bad momma

We are home from camping. We had a fun time. The kids were good, but I wish the weather was a tad bit nicer. We got sandy and slept with dirty feet. I always say the dirt on a child measures the amount of fun they were/are having, LOL. We camped with some friends and friends of those friends. Total there was 6 adults and 10 kids ages, 8 months, 10 months, 3 and half, 2- 7 (twins), 8, 2- 9 (not twins), and 2- 11(also not twins) {grin}. We had a great bunch of kids and they were all so good.

Friday night we froze our butts off, Saturday we had nice weather, the hottest of all the days. No matter the temp the kids were swimming all day. They have no worried as long as there is a pool. Saturday night was better, actually comfortable. That is until the rain started and we found out that even after all the weather proofing I did the tent still leaks. Most of our things were okay but some of the clothes, and towels needed to be washed and dried. We all hopped in our cars and went to breakfast until the rain stopped. Sunday was cooler, but still nice. There was a DJ Sunday night at the park and all the kids had fun dancing.

The campground had train rides, a park, a game room, 2 lakes, boats, a pool and horse drawn carriage rides. There was something to do all the time and it was a lot of fun. Alanna loved the freedom she was given and being allowed to get dirty, Ben loved the sun and tress, and being outside all the time, and Hannah loved that she had friends her own age she could come and go with (sort of). It was a small park and we could basically shout for them and they would hear us, so they were never to far away.

Wait what was that? You want pictures to see all the fun we had? Oh!Um!Well! I did bring my camera, but if you thought I was a good mom and took pictures of Ben's 1st camping trip and the girls swimming and riding the train ride or of all of us sitting around the campfire eating smores, you're wrong. {what!} I forgot to bring out my camera even once and when I did think about it, I forgot to go get it to actually use it. {bad} We started packing the car to go home and I realized I didn't take one picture. I was overwhelmed with guilt and even wanted to cry. But I didn't because I know we were there, and I have this great blog to document all our fun times. But I am still a little sad I did not even take one picture.

Can I use the excuse we were having so much fun I didn't have time to take a picture? I could but that hurts too because I still have no picture of all that awesome fun. {so sad}


  1. it's actually the best thing that could have happened - coz you had fun and you will always remember that time when you didn't take your camera and had SO MUCH FUN without thinking: OMG! i have to take a picture of that! :)

    sometimes... not having a camera is a good thing :)

  2. It's ok!! That's a true testiment that you really had a great time! I'm sure the kids will forgive you!!

  3. Anonymous5/29/2009

    Hi, Tasha. This post in your blog inspired me to write one in mine, "Picture Camping..." (www.rjnbenterprises.blogspot.com), because I feel for you-- been there, done that! But spending your time actually participating with your children instead of taking constant pics of them makes you a GOOD mama, not a bad one!

  4. I think you need to go camping again and get some pics! ha!
    Sounds fun - I would have to have gone on the horse drawn carriage ride!!

  5. Anonymous6/23/2009

    No camping pictures? That's okay because you have the camping memories! That's what counts! Oh, and you've not lived until you've slept with dirty feet! Love it!