May 27, 2009

To close to home

Any Michigan readers out there? Have you seen this story? Theres an Amber Alert in my town. There were actually people (maybe about 500) walking up and down my main road looking at the near by park, woods and pond under the expressway vi dock (sp?) I always pray for the Amber Alerts I hear about, but not having them close to home, makes them hard to be so emotional about and I never feel connected.
But having this one in my town and down my street, is really scaring me. Hannah asked if she could play outside and I wouldn't let her until I could sit out there with her. I am afraid to send her to the school bus. We had a talk about the missing little girl and I wanted to be "for real" and "up front" with Hannah. I want her to know the dangers out there, especially when its so close to home. I want her to be scared but not have nightmares. It makes me really nervous now when Chris goes to work. Last night I asked him to say home until I fell asleep. It really makes me wonder what this world is coming too. Why can't these bad people just leave our kids alone?! The schools will be letting out for summer in the next week or so and I pray that all the kids are safe this summer.
Please pray that this little girl is found safe and returned to her mom and family.


  1. I heard it on the news and what a scary thing. I would want to keep the kids close too!!

  2. That is scary!! It makes a big diffence when it is close to home. Makes it more real.

  3. that is so scary! Let us know if they find her...

  4. Anonymous6/23/2009

    It is a very scary world we live in. You don't want to scare your kids, but you need to to know the dangers and to always be cautious. I hope this turned out well, I'm still reading your blog so maybe you posted an update I'm yet to get to?? I always taught my daughter to should "THIS IS NOT MY DAD/MOM" if she was being abducted because a lot of times you see things and you just assume it is a parent with an unruly child. Tell your kids to kick and scream and make as much noise as possible but be sure to yell THIS IS NOT MY PARENT so people will know something's up!