June 21, 2009

Army Wives

I try not to get to involved in TV shows, because then my life has to revolve around them in order for me to keep up. I missed season 1 of Army Wives, until my fried Deanna bought season 1 and made me watch it. I fell in love with the women on base. Claudia Joy, Denise, Roxie, Pamela and Joan. They all come from different ranking husbands, or in Joan's case her rank, but yet, they have this special bond and are their for each other when the time is needed.

When the second season of Army Wives started Deanna and I watched together faithfully. In my time zone the show comes on at 10pm on Sundays on Lifetime. This allows me enough time to put the kids to bed, clean up and then relax with my friend while we enjoy the love shared on the show.

In the second season opener it follows up on the tragedy that happened at a local hangout off post. One of the women loses her daughter from a bombing. Its so very sad to see the pain the family goes through during the season, but what helps counter that sadness is the strength all the women show to each other and the families being effected. Also a new life is created and born, which reminds you of the circle of life. Its happy with a side of sadness and reminds you what true friendship is really all about. Being selfless, caring and actually wanting to be there for someone else. If you have friends that you love and you share that something "special" check out Army Wives, you won;t be disappointed.

Also if you enjoy season 1 and 2, Army Wives season 3 is on lifetime, Sundays at 10 (or check your local time slot).

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  1. I LOVE this show too!! I discovered it last summer when there was a marathon recap of season 1 on Lifetime. I watched practically the whole season in like 2 days. I LOVE IT!! I haven't watched the new episode tonight, it's waiting on the DVR for me!! I am so happy you love it too!!!