June 18, 2009

me and her, her and me

Yesterday was "magic day" at the library. We seen some magic tricks and made magic wands. We also made a cute hat that we can pull a bunny out of. It was a magical morning. After all the magic fun was done, the kids and I checked out some books and came home. Later that night after the 2 little kids were in bed and Chris had went to work, Hannah crawled in bed with me and we read together. Just me and her, her and me. It was a peaceful moment, one that I will remember when I think about spending time alone with her as she is growing up. We were quiet, not much was said, but yet I felt so happy and blessed to have her there with me. I felt really close with her. A closeness that has been missing for a little while.

Today that closeness stayed. After a busy morning of going to Walmart and buying Chris his father's day present we came home and put the little kids to nap. (doesn't it seem like they are always sleeping? They aren't, trust me) Hannah asked if we could read together again. We sat out in the sun on the deck and read for a little while. Just me and her, her and me. I love when I can have these peaceful moments with her. She is growing up so fast.

Later in the evening, after Ben was asleep (the sleep thing again {grin}), Alanna was inside with Chris, Hannah and I snuck outside again and sat on the deck. The evening was coming to an end and the sun was going down. This time we were playing cards. I taught her war and speed. We laughed, we giggled and had a great time. Just me and her, her and me. Playing cards and having fun. I hope she remembers these times when she is 16 and slamming the door in my face while screaming that I ruined her life. I will look back on these times and remember how sweet my baby girl really can be.


  1. Ohhhh that is extremely sweet! Those are some precious moments to hold on to forever. Sweet Hannah!

  2. She may block it as a teenager but she will remember again once she passes those years! ha!

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  4. Anonymous6/25/2009

    This sounds perfect. Hannah is lucky to have such a wonderful mom!