July 9, 2009

Finally an update

Okay I finally have some pics up at flickr. You can check them out by clicking on the pics up top.

Our 4th of July day:

We went to a near by town on the beach where some friends live. The whole town closes down for the town garage sales, and they have moon walks and water slides and carnival food. We walked through town and then for ice cream. We walked t the other side of town and let the kids jump and play. Then we went to the beach and let the kids swim in their clothes and play in the sand.

After the beach went back to our friends house and cleaned the kids up. We then BBQ'd some GOOD food. We ate and enjoyed. Our friend is a volunteer firefighter and they were putting on the fireworks so he and Chris let early to help set up. Later that night we packed up all the kids and went back down to the beach. Our friends had a friends house that was right on the lake. It was about 100 ft away from where they were lighting the fireworks. We could actually see them displayed on the pier. They were so close and so loud that they made me jump a few times. The girls LOVED it, Ben not so much. But there is always next year.


She was driving me crazy Saturday (July 4, the day after stitches). She was wild and crazy as usual. She wanted to wrestle and flip and jump, and I was so nervous. But she is tough and today she is doing very well. She is getting her stitches out today at 4:15.

(I know this isn't the greatest post, and it could have been better, but we are still trying to watch all the Harry Potter movies and Hannah is standing over my shoulder tapping her foot. I have to go be a mom now)


probably tomorrow....

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  1. I missed fireworks on the 4th this year. Boo!
    Had to chuckle over the foot tapping...no pressure to hurry up and post! :-)