July 31, 2009

Summer Day Camp

Today I dropped Hannah off at library camp for the last time. Today is her last day. I have really enjoyed this summer day camp sponsored by campfire USA. This was Hannah's first experience with any type of day program besides normal school. I was very impressed with the organization and activities that were offered to Hannah and the other kids. Walking field trips to the park and the ice cream parlor in town, games, crafts and even a T shirt at the end of camp, all of this was free. Camp also has saved both Hannah and I of what I like to call the summer itch. It has kept her busy 3 days a week from 10-3, so when she is home she is never bored because she is grateful to sleep in and go swimming, also it gives her a break from being a big sister and having the little kids around ALL the time. Hannah has really enjoyed this summer. Also this has given me a break for a couple of hours each week, and that has me thinking I am really gonna miss her when school starts back up. Last summer I don't think I could have pushed her out the door fast enough the 1st day of school, but I don't feel that way this year.

I highly recommend looking for a day camp if you have older school aged children, I am already excited for next summer, and signing Hannah up for another program..

*This was not a sponsored post or any paid post, this is a camp put on at our local library and I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed it this summer for my daughter.*


  1. thats awesome. i'm glad she had fun and enjoyed it!!

  2. SOunds like a great program!!

  3. I will definitely keep summer camp in mind once my son gets old enough =)

    P.S. Stop by my blog to pick up the award I gave you =)

  4. That is awesome!! Plus, you know the teacher in me appreciates that she is reading and doing something educationally fun! :-)