August 5, 2009

So much to say

I have so much to catch up on, its sad. I started reading a new series. The True Blood Series my Charlene Harris. They aren't as good as Twilight, but after reading Stephanie Meyers I don;t think anyone could write as well as she does. The books have me hooked and I am already on book 3, waiting ion book 4, 5, and 6 from the library. Thats my excuse for not being around. I haven't even left the house to mail her this, but luckily she is a patient person and I PROMISE I will do it tomorrow (Thursday) I actually have to leave the house to buy food if we want to eat so I will head to the post office then. Again I am so sorry for being a lazy, procrastinating, no good blogger and giveaway hostess.

Another reason for the lack of blogging is that we went away last weekend. We went to our good friends Mike and Jessica's for the weekend. Remember? They live about 2 hours away. Not to far to drive for the weekend, but far enough away to be considered "getting away". As usual we had a great time and Mike and Jess are the best host and hostess out there. They are kind, and loving and patient and YES, FUN! I think we might be heading there again soon, and I cannot wait. Home away from home!
Sunday we all headed to the beach. A small beach not to far from Mike and Jessica's house, called Sandy Beach. Ben LOVED the water this time, and did not want to leave. Hannah and Alanna enjoyed the sand and the sun just as much. I didn't get many pictures, we are borrowing a camera from Chris' brother and wife and the memory card wasn't in all the way so some pics are on our memory card (the ones you see on top) and some are on the ca,era, but we don;t have all the plugs to get them off the camera. So trust in me, when I say we had fun and hopefully we will be investing in a new camera SOON! I feel like I am missing out on so much not being able to take pictures.

In other news, Hannah has about 4 weeks until school starts. We have a very busy August ahead of us.
This week is the county fair, and Chris' step sister baby shower and also a Welcome Baby Joshua/house warming party on Saturday.
Next week I HOPE to get in touch with THIS LADY AND BABY because I have yet to hold this beautiful little boy and its driving me crazy!
The week after that the kids and I are going up north with my dad to his cabin for a week, the day I come back is Chris' birthday and I think we might be going camping with some friends. The weekend after that is labor day weekend and then school starts.
WOW, what a month.


  1. i kept checking and checking ... so i assumed you went away :)
    (you went away IRL and also in vampireland... LOL)

    I'm still trying to finish Breaking Dawn... one page at a time...
    (i assume by the time the movie comes out i'll be done LOL)

  2. I have heard those books are good! You are crazy busy girl!