July 3, 2009

Thinking back

Tomorrow is 4th of July. It has me thinking about last year. On the 4th of July last year I was pregnant, miserable, off of work and extremely excited to meet my little boy. Chris and I and the kids spent the afternoon at his dads house, grilling and hanging out in the hot sun.

This year I have my boy, and boy oh boy what a boy he is. He climbs, he screams, he head butts, he cuddles, he kisses and he loves. He is everything I could have imagined him to be and more. The Hannah and Alanna are best friends. They play together, they sometimes sleep together and the fight together. Alanna has become very aggressive with Hannah who used to be the boss, but sometimes I see Alanna being the boss now.

We are in a place that I never thought we would be in. I am home with my babies and I live it. We aren't rich, but we aren't hurting for money. Somethings we may not be able to buy right then, and somethings we just pass up, but in the end we have everything we need and lots more. Chris and I still love each other (which we better, we have only been married 2 going on 3 years, LOL). We were hurt my the economy earlier in the year, but we got through it and we are going strong.

Thinking about the 4th of July and freedom, I think about how well my family is doing and pray for those who may not be doing so well, and hope that by the next 4th of July they can look back and reflect on the road they have traveled.


  1. Anonymous7/03/2009

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  2. This is a great post. Sounds like you are in a great place right now.

  3. Awww you are in such a good spot in your life right now....you and Chris have certainly earned it!! Happy 4th! Love ya!

  4. Anonymous7/05/2009

    You are blessed!!

  5. Many blessings you have!! It is amazing how far a year can take you...