July 4, 2009

What did you do last night?

How was your Friday night? Mine well, I spent mine in the ER with Alanna getting 4 stitches in her HEAD. My kids plus the neighborhood kids were playing in my yard last night and one of them picked Alanna up and then lost their grip, and she fell on top of the METAL water meter outside.

She had a hole, not a cut, not a gash, a hole in her head. Our 8 minute drive to the hospital felt like an hour, and the 10 minute wait to get stitched up felt like 2 hours. At one point at only 2 minutes of waiting, I thought about screaming at all the people behind the desk to help my baby, but she was in good spirits and handled all her crying during the 8 minute ride to the hospital.

Well she did continue when they decided to stitch her up BEFORE she was numb from the shot they gave her. But she soon calmed down when I was able to cuddle her and bribe her with a year supply of ice cream when we got home.

We had to wake her through the night, but this morning she seems to be okay. She cries with threats of a bath to wash the blood out of her hair, but other than that she is my feisty, curious, lovable little girl as usual. As the GREAT mom and true blogger that I am, I asked Alanna if I could take a picture of her head, but she politely said no while tears ran down her face while waiting to be discharged, so for now, TRUST me you are happy she said NO.

Happy 4th of July


  1. yesterday's post was my last 'reading' from the night ... so i went to sleep thinking about you guys and how everything had changed since last year!
    little did i know the :( post you'll post today! :(
    hope alanna is feeling better... i know nothing about stitches, but I know how horrible is to be in pain and waiting in the ER.
    happy 4th of july!!!!

  2. Anonymous7/05/2009

    OMG, bless her little heart!! I seen your "tweet" about this last night on twitter and I was going to text you but it was after midnight. It's been a tough summer for Alanna...first losing her beloved dino and now this! She deserves that ice cream! Make it two scoops!

  3. Well, I didn't see your tweet because I don't tweet...you should facebook! ha!
    Poor Alanna and poor Momma!! I would have been in a panic...I don't handle crisis very well!! Glad all is ok.