July 2, 2009

And the winners are!!!

Since I am a very scientific person, I used the utmost sophisticated way to choose the 5 lucky winners of the Sun Burst Laundry detergent. First I read all your comments and there were some very good secrets out there...Thank you. Then I wrote down all the names. Like this
Then I folded them all up...no peeking
I had the most honest of witnesses, so no one cheated

Then I put the names in this very pretty hat
#1 winner is...

My Laundry secret is to use the shout pen from my purse.
#2 winner is Becky with
My mom introduced me to Spray N Wash when I had my little one.
#3 is Jessica Hills with
For any kind of oily stains I use dish soap to get it out first.
#5 is Roozgal with
Pretend you forgot the clothes in the dryer and if you married a good man he will come along and fold them for you!And last but not least #5 is Jay with
It's not really a secret but have been trying to be consistent to do "laundry days" say Mondays and Thursdays (or Fridays)that way mentally I don't feel like I am always doing laundry!
You lucky 5 winners will be receiving an email from me, please respond back with your address, and I will send you, your coupon for a free full size Sun Burst Laundry detergent. Hope you all had fun and thank you to everyone who joined. Next week, I have another laundry soap giveaway,

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  1. Anonymous7/05/2009

    Heehee I was just giving my two cents, didn't realize I was entering and now I'm a winner?! Woooohooo! Now if only I could make the lottery so easy! Thanks Tasha!