July 1, 2009

I know Its been away since I had a "real post". It not like I have nothing to write about, I have stuff, I've just been to lazy to actually sit down and type it all out. So this is short and sweet and to the point. For pictures check out here.

~I have the giveaway. Scroll down to check it out, it ends tonight, and the winner will be announced tomorrow..hopefully, maybe Friday. No No No I promised on Thursday so tomorrow it will be.

~Last Saturday was Chris' nephew graduation party. It took us 2 hours to get there. We had a great time. I love spending time with Chris' family. He has a big family and they are loud and fun and great We always have a great time together. I just wish we all could get together more often.

Also Saturday morning Alanna got a new friend. Baby Dino, Baby Dinosaurs BIG brother arrived via the mail man. She loves him, but I did hear her telling Baby Dino she still missed Baby Dinosaur. However Baby Dino has not left her arms once in the last 5 days. Not once, he even sat in the toilet while she took a bath.

~Saturday night Hannah stayed the night with Chris' stepsister and her daughter Hannah 2 (thats what we call her). They went to Chris' stepbrother Troy's house. He has a HUGE horse farm, The girls got to feed the animals, and ride in the golf cart. The next morning my Hannah even got to ride a horse. (AND I WAS NOT THERE TO GET A PICTURE), She loved, and I'm talking LOVED it. Troy even "gave" Hannah a horse, her name is Minnie. Its the best kind of horse because she has claim to it, yet we don't have to pay anything...LOL.

~Sunday me and Angie (see above) took Hannah 1, Hannah 2, and Alanna roller skating. It was rough. Neither Hannah got a lot of sleep the night before and was crabby to say the least. Open skate was from 2-4:30 and if you know Alanna her nap is from 1-3, so it was certainly rough on her. She forgot how to skate and was throwing tantrum after tantrum for the 1st hour. Then she was having fun and it was time to leave. Meanwhile Ben and Chris were at home and Ben was NOT happy mommy was not there so Ben decided to torture daddy with no nap either, what in the end it was torture mommy because daddy got called into work as soon as me and the girls got home..FUN...

~Monday Hannah was still crabby and cried all the way to library camp because a) her best friend Julia wasn't going to be there that day, and b) because I said I MIGHT, MIGHT, MIGHT go to Florida in July or August to see my new baby nephew who isn't here yet but should be any day now. I said me, because I can only afford 1 ticket right now and the girls would stay home with Chris, but Ben would come with me. I had to hear how I was ruining her life because she wouldn't be able to see her grandma the greatest person in the world and she would have to stay with Chris, the not so greatest person in the world when grandma is involved (LOL). I also had to hear how I never did anything with her and it was always about me and she never has any fun EVER in her sad little 9 year old life. I was angry, but let her vent because, yes I enjoy ruining her life.

~Tuesday was a little better, we DID NOTHING. At least I enjoyed the day...the kids not so much, but it was chilly and I was tired so Yay for being the mom

~Today...well, today has been uneventful in everyway possible. The end.

Also Lindsey is like 5 or 6 days over due with her sweet baby boy. Head on over to her and give her some luvin, because I SOOOO know what it feels like to be prego in the Michigan summer and it SUCKS! Love ya Linds


  1. Thanks for the shout Tasha....thank goodness for this break from the hotness right now!!!

  2. First off, I HAD to chuckle over you ruining Hannah's life! Don't you remember when we were so dramatic at that age...I think mine continued until I was about 19!! LOL!
    That horse farm sounds fun!! Glad you didn't ruin her life that day and let her go! ha! :)
    Have a good 4th of July weekend!!