August 25, 2009

Winners Announced!

I know I said Monday, and today is Tuesday and the day is practically over, but I finally have the winners to announce.

I'm reading a new book, which always takes me away from blogging for a few days, and the kids and I have been enjoying the "cooler" weather, playing outside and planning for our big camping weekend. (I know I just got back from up north and now we are going camping). Its probably our last "vacation" for the summer so we are trying to make it fun.

Okay the winners were chosen at random. I write down all the entries, I assign random numbers and Hannah picks a number. So scientific I know.
The winner of How to lose a guy in 10 days is......Lisa Beach. Congrats Lisa, call me, or email me and we can make arrangements to get together to hand off your prize. (Lisa is mu SIL, but I swear the winner was chosen at random, even Hannah didn't know who won until I flipped the paper over to see who the number was)
The winner of Hannah Montana, The movie is....Nettie. Congrats Nettie, a certain daughter will be very pleased with her mommy today. (Nettie is a IRL friend, again this contest is totally random, but congrats, I know Ashley will be in LOVE). Nettie call me or email me and let me know where to ship the movie and I will get it out soon!

Congrats to both the winners, hope you enjoy the movies as much as I did!

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  1. Anonymous8/27/2009

    Ashley is thrilled!!! Thanks Tasha!