September 14, 2009

Its better than a toaster

With my name being "different" I have a hard time finding it on personalized items. That is what started my love for all things personalized. I love having that special thing with my name on it and now that I have kids, their names too. When each child was born I would try to find something with their name on it for them to have as they grow up. Hannah is easy, and so is Ben, Alanna not so much due to the spelling we gave her. When Chris asked what I wanted for my birthday I didn't give it much thought. I actually told him I wanted a new toaster for the house. He said "no" try again. So this time I gave it some thought and I wanted something to represent my children, who most times of the day I love dearly, LOL. I started searching the etsy shops and found her, Jane Dawson. She had exactly what I was looking for. I choose the tiny tag 2 initial necklace with an extra charm. Ordering from Etsy is easy and so was telling Jane Dawson exactly what I wanted. She got it right on the first try. I received my necklace a couple days later and its great. I wear it everyday and no matter where I am I get compliments on how pretty and one of a kind it is.

The picture below is of my necklace, its a little blurry. My temporary camera would not capture it to my liking, but this will have to do. I tried for a picture of the back with the birthdays but it wouldn't work, but check out Jane Dawson and see for yourself. She is awesome.

*This is not a review post, I paid for this with my own money and it was a gift from my husband for my birthday, I just wanted to share how awesome I think my necklace is and how I think everyone should have one :)*

Happy Birthday Tammy, we LOVE you!


  1. Lisa Beach9/14/2009

    Thanks for sharing. I've been wanting something like this for the boys, but haven't found anything that I liked. After just a brief review, I've already found a couple things that caught my eye!!

  2. That's a great idea!! And, mucho better than a toaster!! ha!

  3. thanks!!! and I'm so getting one of those necklaces! I seen it the other day and i didnt even mention it to you!