October 28, 2009

What have I been doing part 2

Saturday we had a birthday party for my niece, Hannah. Yes another Hannah, she is actually Chris' stepsisters daughter and was born before Chris and I got together so we have 2 Hannah's to love. We call her baby Hannah because she was just a baby when we met her and now she is 6 years old. WOW she is growing up. The party was at Chris' step brothers house and he owns a horse ranch. We were lucky enough to have Troy give the kids horsey rides. As you can imagine, Alanna was in HEAVEN! Troy even let her guide the horse herself sometimes.

Then there was face painting. My beautiful princess as Spider man. And if you know Alanna, you know this fits her just right. She is the type of girl who will wear a pink frilly dress and play with dinosaurs..gotta love her.

Ben was spider boy...He had a spider web on his cheek with a big ole spider hanging on.

And here is the birthday girl, "Baby" Hannah ...My Hannah decided not to have her face painted so she didn't get a picture....There is something up with that girl right now..She never lets me take her picture anymore...You would think with a mom who blogs....but she is growing up.

After the birthday party I had to rush home and start the food for my "party" I hosted a butterfly party at my house Saturday night. It was fun. The girls came over and we ate and shopped all from my couch. If your interested in any butterfly products..check out their website here.
Check out the food, we had BBQ meatballs, deviled eggs, homemade warm spinach dip, piggies in a blanket, puppy chow and DRINKS....SO YUMM-O

Sunday we headed to Chris' dad's house for a late lunch/early dinner. We always have fun over there.
Monday was Hannah's first 4 H meeting. We have been wanting to get Hannah involved with some sort of after school club, but she is not into sports and we tried the dance thing. So we decided 4 H would be fun. They started off with a reindeer craft thats going in the Christmas basket they are making for an auction. Next they talked about new business and which charity they would like to help on..Next was PIZZA and then serious work...a pumpkin craft.

Here is a picture of her 4 H members. They call themselves the Treasure Hunters. I hope Hannah decides to stick with this..I think this is a good thing for her. It will teach her responsibility, and also teach her about helping others...Plus the free pass to the fair isn't bad either..Just kidding its not about the free pass its about getting her involved in the community.
Thats just the weekends....thats not including all the thoughts I want to share that are swirling around in my head...I guess another post will be coming soon!
So now you are all caught up on where I have been. This weekend we have Halloween, and another BUSY month ahead of us. I have Sophia's 1st birthday (my niece), Kylee's 2nd birthday (my niece) and Alanna's 4th birthday all within days of each other. Then we have parent council meetings (I will explain about that in its own post), the circus, Thanksgiving and more birthdays to come. November is always a busy month for us, I will not be lacking in the "things to write about" category, just the "trying to find time to sit down" category is whats rough.


  1. Great pics! The 4H sounds like a good idea!

  2. My mom would be seriously jealous of that covered riding area!!
    Love that reindeer craft - may have to copy that when I have my Christmas party at school!

  3. YOUR Hannah is just so grown up here!!! She looks so much like her momma too!!