October 27, 2009

What have I been doing part 1

We have done so much the last couple of weeks, trying to find time to sit and right a full post has been next to impossible.
It started with the apple orchard. Chris had to work, so my friend Sarah and I took the kids and ate our weight in donuts, apple cider and french fries. Check out the pumpkins each child picked out. Hannah, Ben, Alanna (thats the order...sorry for the sideways view)


That night we had a birthday/Halloween party to attend. The mom was VERY brave in letting the kids decorate their own cupcake, and do crafts. There was a haunted house (garage) that the older boys got to do for the little kids. Alanna LOVED it and did not blink an eye when "Jason" jumped at her, but Hannah, wanted nothing to do with the screaming and flashing light. I promise Ben was there too, but it was really cold and he was in the house where it was nice and warm.

The next weekend, which would have been the weekend that just past was also a VERY busy one. Friday night I got together with some friends from high school, and yes were still hang out now. Meet, Sarah. One of my very best friends. I talk about her often on this blog and she is one of the greatest people I know. She loves me, and she loves my kids and no one could ask for a better friend.

Meet Jennifer and Danielle. Jenn has 2 girls and works at her moms restaurant doing a little bit of everything. She is funny and sweet and so much fun! Danielle also has 2 girls and is prego with #3. Shes isn't far enough along to know what she is having yet, but we are rooting for a boy. Danny is also fun, DUH and would bend over backwards for anyone she loves. Plus her 2 girls are the sweetest and most polite little things I ever laid eyes on.

Part 2 of what have I been doing coming tomorrow.


  1. Your hair looks great in that pic of you and your BFF. Did you do something different?

  2. BFF time is so great!! Is that Apple Charlies? I think you went to that one last year, just wondering if you got there this year.