October 22, 2009

A garden full of weeds

I am constantly writing about how time is flying by and Ben is growing so fast. What I have failed to see is how fast my girls are growing. The other day I had to head back to the dr for Hannah this time. While in the germ room, Alanna looks over to another little girl and shouts, "I know you, you go to my school" The little girls mom looks at her and asks if she knows Alanna and she does. They start to play and share even more germs. My point is not the germ sharing, but that now that Alanna is getting older she is meeting new people, and seeing them places we go. She is growing up so fast and is no longer friends with people I introduce her too, she is actually choosing for herself who is fun to play with.

Hannah on the other hand, I feel as if she became an adult over night. She is 9 going on 20 and has attitude and sassy written all over her. She loves on her brother and sister like they are her own, and if I am rocking one to sleep she is cuddling the other..She is everything I could have wished for and more. She is in the 4th grade, her hand writing is super neat, and she is doing the meap testing. She is getting A's and B's this year and is actually enjoying herself. I am having a hard time lifting her boundaries a little and realizing that she is growing up. She sits next to me in the car, and she is going to school football games with friends and their parents.

Its slowly starting to sink in that maybe one, I'm not gonna have any babies in the house. What will I blog about then?


  1. The dog! ha!
    Had a good giggle over the "and shared even more germs"...ha!!
    I noticed in the post below that Ben was getting to be big. Glad Hannah is liking 4th grade. That is a load off! :-)

  2. it's so sad when the babies start to grow up! Although I'm sure you will have something to blog about :)