January 3, 2010

This 2010, will be labeled the "be true" year.

This year I am going to try to be bold.

Where I show you that I am not always happy, that my children are not always well behaved, and that my husband and I do fight...maybe a little to much.

I might share how I get on the computer during breakfast time and sometimes ignore the screaming and yelling coming from the kitchen as the girls fight and I blog about what a great time we had at our family outing.

I might share about how my husband hardly ever goes out with friends but when he does he likes to drink and then stay the night because drinking and driving is bad, but he ALWAYS forgets to call and I wake up at 7 am to an empty bed and I call his phone screaming and yelling about what an awful person he is..Then I might tell you how after I rudely hang up on him, I am the one to feel bad, because a.) this happens maybe 3 times a year b.) he was right to stay and c.) I trust him and I am just so happy he is ok.

Being bold might also have me telling you that we live paycheck to paycheck and that even though I never let the kids go without, Chris and I haven't bought us anything new in months. I might be adding water to my mascara because I just can't afford the $6 tube of mascara until next Friday at payday.

Being bold may be embarrassing at times, but it also will be who I am. We are not the perfect family and its time that I stand up and be me. This 2010, will be labeled the "be true" year. I will be true to you and to myself and to anyone who questions it. No one is perfect, every family fights and if you deny this, then you are not being true to yourself. There are plenty of times that I wanted to blog about a disagreement or a fight Chris and I had, but then I would wonder what people would think and I would write about something else. Well not anymore. I may not get into all the gory details, but if my heart feels like telling, I will, I will not hide it anymore.

Feel like being bold? It feels good.

*I also want to point out that I have bolded numbers 11 and 19 on my 2010 list of things to do. Tana swears I made her feel special when I said we will be planning a meet up this year and I also just did something I never thought I would do...I shared very personal things on my blog...Something I never thought I could do. 2 down and 18 to go..and its only the 3rd day of the year.


  1. Oh we so have to get together...we just need someone to fund it! ha!
    I love that you are being bold!! That's life...the real stuff. I have felt that sometimes I leave out some of the bad stuff.
    I will say from my experiences with Kevin - thank you Chris for NOT driving!! But just call your wife! :-)

  2. Anonymous1/07/2010

    Girl, you are not alone!! Everybody has their problems and if they say otherwise then they're just lying!! I fight with my husband, live paycheck to paycheck, and yell a lot too. You just gotta step back and look at the big picture....you're really blessed even with the little problems. Don't take anything for granted! Most importantly, don't be afraid to admit you're not perfect! You are human just like the rest of us. There's no such thing as a perfect marriage or a perfect family...and how boring would that be anyway? Hang in there!