January 4, 2010

My day with Hannah

~This is part of my new "boldness" I really had a good time and it was really that great!~

Yesterday I took Hannah shopping with her Christmas money. She really learned her lesson about money. Everything she looked at she checked the price and was so amazed at how much things cost. I sure hope she remembers that when I take her school shopping and she picks out clothes and then decides she doesn't like them after one time wearing.

I have to admit though, we had the best time. We giggled and hugged and I even got her to hold my hand for a brief minute or two. We ate soft pretzels and shared a blue icee and laughed some more.

She decided on a really cute top with a small tutu on the end with some black leggings. She also bought some gum, candy and a small pink scarf. She has about $15 left and would like a pair of tennis shoes she found..I told her she would have to wait until next week, and I would help her with the rest because they were $20.00. She was happy with that. I am amazed at how mature she is getting to be. She understands about money and how we have to work for things now. She understands about saving and spending and hopefully she won't take anything for granted.

I just have to say again what a great day I had with her...I even caught people watching us as we giggled our way through...I remember watching people when I was younger and hoping one day to have a great relationship with my daughter, and yesterday I realized that Hannah and I really do have a good thing going. Sometimes I forget this with the stress of the 2 little kids and making dinner and cleaning the house, but it just takes a few minutes to remember what a good girl she really is..she helps with the kids, she cleans up, she is even starting to help with the cooking. I sure did get lucky when she was born!

*Day 4 of "no yelling" is going pretty well. Hannah seems to think when I punish her and Alanna I am ruining my no yelling streak, but I have to remind her I am allowed to punish...I just have to try to cut back on the yelling, and so far so good..NO YELLING. I am so proud of myself. It used to be that the kids would only respond if I did yell, but last night while Alanna was in the bathtub, she told me that she was being a good girl because mommy wasn't yelling. It brought tears to my eyes for my 4 year old to say this...I was doing the no yelling for me, but now I know I am doing it for the kids and myself..


  1. Anonymous1/04/2010

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  2. You go girl! Sounds like a great day...and not letting her get those tennis shoes immediately only helped the money lesson. She'll appreciate them more!