February 28, 2010

"time" for Ben

Picture is a little blurry it was taken with my phone...better pictures to come later.  
 The watch says 8:00 when its facing Ben, any guesses why I choose that time?
Finally something made for Ben
I seen this little boys felt watch on Etsy for $16.25 and said to my self, SELF I am NOT paying that much money for a felt watch, so I made one...and it only cost me $2.75 and I could make probably 5 more with my supplies.  I sewed it all by hand.  Alanna likes it so much she wants one that is pink and purple.  (stay tuned for that one) (maybe I will even share how I made it).  I put it on Ben and he LOVED sporting his new cool bracelet. 

This was another of my craft projects crossed off the list. 

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  1. go craft queen!!! I am impressed!