February 15, 2010

What are you eating?

I've noticed many blogs I read listing a weekly meal plan.  So I thought it could be fun to do a weekly meal plan here as well...You know just in case you are dying to know what we will be eating this week.

Ground beef cooked with onions
cheesy sauce
taco sauce
mild peppers

Pepper Steak
with garlic bread

TaterTot Casserole
with bread and butter

BBQ Ribs in the crockpot
mini corn on the cob and baked beans

Stuffed Cabbage 
with mashed potatoes and green beans

 Steak Ums
with homemade fries

with mexican rice

So there you go.  I think this week I will try to remember to take a picture of each meal and share with you.
Do you think this is something you might like, a weekly menu with pictures.  Let me know and maybe this can be an every Monday sort of thing :)

Also leave a comment telling me what you're eating this week..Maybe I can get some new ideas {grin}



  1. Lisa Beach2/15/2010

    Wow...you made me hungry just reading this! :) I'll share our menu plan, but it's pretty unexciting because we are trying to eat healthier over here (BOO!!!) 1)Home-made chicken noodle soup 2)Tilapia with brown rice & broccoli 3) Peachy Picante chicken 4)chicken stir-fry 5)extra-lean burgers (no bun) and oven-roasted potatoes 6)multi-grain spaghetti and salad....so yeah yours sound so much better!!!

  2. That sounds yummy...I gotta know more about the tator tot casserole. :-)
    I would share our menu but luckily, I am only the maid. Kevin is the cook and decides at the last minute. Tonight was farfalle pasta with a light cream sauce and chicken, mushrooms and asparagus. I can't wait for lunch tomorrow and leftovers! ha