February 16, 2010

goals updated

I thought it would be a good idea to see my progress so far on my goals for 2010.  I've been working hard on achieving them, because I feel so strongly about them. 
Things I want to do in 2010
  1. donate to a charity without worrying about where the money is going to come from- I just donated $10 to the American Heart Assoc and didn't bat an eye about it :), I also plan on donating more, but this is just a start
  2. read at least 2 books a month
  3. start recycling
  4. paint my bedroom- when we get our taxes this WILL get done
  5. plant a garden
  6. go to Florida for Christmas- This is also probably going to happen with our taxes :)
  7. put at least $50 a month in savings- not yet
  8. get the grocery bill at $70 a week-not this either
  9. potty train Ben before he turns - he likes to sit on it fully clothed...still working on it 
  10. lose 50 pounds- working on this.  Started weight watchers a couple weeks ago.
  11. make somebody feel special- I was told by a friend that I made her feel special, when I emailed her and let her know I was thinking about her for no reason.  I actually forgot about this goal until now.  Even though its crossed off, I'm still gonna try to make everyone feel special.
  12. send a birthday card to everyone in my family on their birthday-I'm working on this.  A card wasn't sent but phone calls and myspace messages have been sent.
  13. take the kids camping this summer
  14. plan a bloggy meet up with my southern gals (Tana, Lori this means you, Lindsey you too)This is in the works, just trying to nail down a weekend
  15. meet my nephew Brody- This will be happening this spring, YAY!
  16. reconnect with my older sister and brother
  17. volunteer my time Hannah and I helped feed the homeless and under income families.  We also plan on doing this again
  18. get a family picture taken by a professional- this is also in the works.  Chris and I cannot decided what the family should wear for our pictures :)
  19. try something I never thought I would I am planning the bloggy meet up AND bold blogging. 
  20. adopt a family for next Christmas
I'm also still working on yelling.  Some days are better than others.  Its been rough with the kids being sick every single week..It wears on my patience with things, because I am so tired..But I know this and I am working harder. 

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