March 19, 2010

Old Dogs

2 of my favorite actors are John Travolta and Robin Williams.  Finding them in a movie together, I instantly knew that would spell F.U.N.N.Y.

The movie's focus is Robin Williams who is a successful older bachelor who finds out that he is a father to 7 year old twins he has never met.  When their mother played by Kelly Preston has to go to jail for 2 weeks, the kids are left with their "new" dad.

John Travolta who plays the best friend and business partner is not happy when Robin Williams and the kids have to stay with him because Williams lives in a NO CHILDREN community.

I love how this movie shows the father relationship with the kids.  You don't often see a dad trying to complete all the "kids list" of things to do.  Especially when they are in the middle of one of the biggest business deals of their life.  The dad really focuses on the kids and I think thats important to see in our real life day to day busy-ness

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