March 19, 2010

Please HELP! Whats in a name, with a prize!

With all this creativity going on, I might have the opportunity to open an online store.  I need help though.  My mind is racing coming up with new items to make that I can't focus on a good name.  Things that I might be selling are
korker bows
felt watches
lanyard keychains
tie blankets and pillows
tag blankets
baby shower baskets
bandana dresses
ties for little boys
Bow holders

So come up with a good name and you might just win a really cool lanyard keychain...Your pick

Pink w/ white polka dots/reverse side is pink with white strips
Brown w/ multi colored polka dots/reverse side is multi colored stripes
Brown w/ lt pink, pink, and green stripes/reverse is green with brown dots
Lime green w/ white polka dots/reverse is lime green w/ white stripes

 So think Loooonnngggg and think Haaaaarrrrrrdddd and come up with the right name and one of these could be yours. 

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