March 17, 2010

Random updates with pictures

I forgot about all the pictures I had on my camera.  Today I was going through it and realized I haven;t shared what we have been doing lately.  A couple weeks ago we went to Joes Crab Shack (and yes if you live in FLORIDA{Mom, Tim} some of you may say yuck, but to us who don't live by the ocean it has to do).

Here is the dessert (ice cream sandwich with fudge, sprinkles and mini M&Ms to put on top..so cute!) Alanna got after she stuffed herself with macaroni and cheese, fries, crab stuffed mushrooms and crab from her grandma Jan's plate. The next picture is Chris eating is hot, steam pot bib and all.  Bed is picking at his plate, but loved his fries.
Some may know a little secret about me and that is I have never been a big fan of seafood.  Its not that I don't like it, its that I never grew up around it and just afraid to eat it.  I have been tasting it here and there when I am feeling brave, and this night I promised myself I would get something other than chicken or steak.  So I got the shrimp and steak..baby steps people!  I got the coconut shrimp with the pineapple plum sauce.  IT WAS AMAZING!  I ate all my shrimp before one bite of steak and wanted more shrimp.  I didn't even want my steak after that.  Now all I can think about is coconut shrimp.

Last week I took the kids to get some much needed hair cuts.  I was tired of getting Bens hair trimmed and then a week later he needed it again, so I opted for a big boy hair cut.  He looks so much older.  Its so sad seeing my baby grow up.  But I LOVE running my fingers through his new short hair..and I can spike it and that is adorable!

And then what would St Patty's Day be without some pictures of the kids. wearing green.  Ben is showing so much of his personality in these pictures, it makes my heart sink.  Alanna too, look at those big goofy grins. I am so proud to be mommy to these kids :)

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  1. Love pics of those cutie kids of yours!! Where is Hannah's new hair cut picture that she loved so much? ha!