April 18, 2010

A great day

I don't even know where to begin.

Today was a great day!

The family and I, along with my MIL met up with my SIL and her daughter at a near by Trade Center. I'm not sure if everyone knows about the Trade Center so I will explain.  Its a HUGE warehouse type building that has many vendors that sell STUFF.  Anywhere from tattoos, jewelry, clothes, avon, pictures, and junk.  Its open only on the weekends and you have to pay $2 to park and get in.  There are expos and shows scheduled throughout the year such as gun shoes, mom2mom sales, HUGE indoor garage sales, and knife shows. Its usually the place to go to find closeout deals and sometimes you can try to make a deal with the vendor...

Its a fun place to go.  We went today looking for a looney-toons cane made of wood.  We didn't find that but found lots of other stuff we didn't know we needed.

The girls got to enjoy time in the bounce house (yes they have those too).  They also got strapped to bungee looking harnesses and jumped on inflatable trampolines.  If they jumped really hard they would go really high, they could do flips and have fun...Chris and I tried to get them to climb the rock wall but they were feeling that one, LOL!

We went to lunch at a near by Greek restaurant.  We heard lots of OPA! and had a lot of fun.  I love loud restaurants, because then we don't have to keep telling the kids to be quiet. We ate some fried cheese, greek salads and way to much pita bread.  It was SO YUMMY!  The kids were SO hungry that all 3 of them ate fried cheese, pits bread and their WHOLE meal. Mom and Dad were so proud of them..The kids were so well behaved today...I love days like this. 

It feels like we haven't had a GREAT day like this in....forever.  We needed to get out as a family and just hang out.  Nowhere to be at a certain time and not rushing.  Just walking and looking...

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