August 25, 2011

feels like heaven

Things are getting checked off our summer to do list left and right around here. 

Three kids went to the dentist today and three kids walked out with clean, cavity free mouths.  Today was a routine check up for the girls.  The usual comments:  Their teeth are so beautiful, great job girls, and remember to sign up for our cavity free club.  I'm so proud of them.  Brushing machines they are and they take pride in there pearly whites.

For Ben, this was a big deal.  It marked his first dentist visit, and he did it like a pro.  Xrays, brushing and flossing...no big deal! 

After the dentist, I thought I would reward my awesome children with a trip to the beach.  Sun, and Sand filled our afternoon.  We walked along the shore, collected sea shells, and slashed in the waves.  It was a fun time just me and my babes.

Now the babes are showered and sweet smelling, watching a movie and cuddling.  This peace we have in our house feels like heaven..

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