August 22, 2011

The last days of summer

The weeks before school starts are becoming less and less.  The talk of back to school shopping and schedules I'm hearing more and more.

The lazy mornings and late bedtimes will be put away until next year and out will come busy routines and homework.

This school year starts a new chapter in our family life.

All 3 of my babes will be in school some sort of way.  This school year you will find Hannah in middle school.  Switching classes and lockers fill her fears, but the excitement of a new adventure holds her grounded.  Her biggest complaint right now is her bff is not riding the same bus as her this year, like they did last year...oh the simple complaints of an 11 yr old.

1st grade is screaming Alanna's name..loud and clear if you have ever met her, you know what I am talking about.  {grin}  Shes excited to be in elementary school on her own this year, meaning no more big sister to shadow.  Her biggest accomplishment this summer was that we found a puppy backpack and "THATS EXACTLY WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED MOM"

My baby (can you believe I am already talking school and Ben in the same sentence?  I mean it was just last week that I announced I was pregnant and yesterday my baby turned ONE) (sorry about that I'm still having trouble handling all this grown up-ness) who is now an independent 3 year old   little big boy who sleeps in a big boy bed and is potty trained. He will start a wonderful "home base" pre-school program in a few weeks (the same one Alanna started with..LOVE IT!!).  His teacher will come to our house once a week and work one on one with Ben for a few hours, then every other Friday he will ride a BUS and socialize with the other "home base" kids in school, eat lunch and will come home to his weeping happy as can be mommy.

So for now I am trying to cherish these last weeks of screaming, fighting wonderful, blissful moments with my dirty, sweaty clean and yummy smelling children.