January 29, 2007

more wedding talk

I went with the bridesmaids to get their dresses this weekend. It was fun. We all had lunch and then went shopping. Click here to see the dresses. The color is a canary yellow. We also bought white shoes to go with the dresses. What do you think of these and again here . I know you aren't supposed to wear white before Memorial day, is that still a rule? Do you think the white will look okay with the yellow? We all figured it would look okay because its a spring wedding and the theme is garden. It didn;t hurt that the shoes were only $7.00 on clearence either. So guess what. I bought me a pair too. Have I mentioned the count down lately? We have passed the 3 month mark. Its like 2 months and 30 days...hehehe, I am so excited can you tell.

I would like to thank everyone for there nice advice from the earlier post. I talked to the pastor and he said the books were more along the line of guidelines and I should take my time reading them....you know what that means right? Take my time and read when I feel the need to, no more stressing trying to get them done right away. I hate reading on a deadline. I like to read at my own pace so this makes me happy. I finally told the unruly family member thanks but no thanks and believe it or not she was okay with it...I'm not sure if she was telling the truth but it was easier than I thought. So in the end the stress was relieved and all is fine for the moment at least. Oh and here are some pictures of the flowers for the bouquets. And check out the arch. We bought flowers to go through that too.


  1. Everything looks BEAUTIFUL and I think when you get married, you can wear anything white whenever you want!! Glad you took care of the 2 problems. You SOUND happier now!

  2. I think your bridesmaid's dresses are gorgeous! And the shoes will go nicely!

  3. Looks like you got some good deals. I love the dresses. I am shock about the $7.00!! That rocks!