January 4, 2007

super dad lesson 101

Why does it seem when I am not around the world falls apart? Okay maybe not the world, but my home. When I am home the girls get baths and sometimes I cook dinner, but with me working late this past week, I don't know if Alanna has had a bath all week. Chris said he gave her one, but this morning when she woke up her hair look as if it was just taken out of her pony tail. I tried smelling her, but she has the baby, but not baby smell to her. She has that type of smell that morphs into everyone elses smell.
Tonight I have a sneaky plan to force Chris into being super dad. Not that he isn't a good dad because he is one of the best, but normally the running errands is my thing. Well Hannah has dance tonight. The center is right next door to our wedding reception hall. I told Chris that and asked if he remembered where to go. He smiled and said yes. I said good then I don't have to remind you of the directions as I walked away. He came running after me and asked for me to refresh his memory. Poor Hannah, I hope she makes it to dance on time, next time Chris shouldn't pretend he knows something and should just proof the theory correct that women know everything, and men don;t have a clue.

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  1. You are so right...we know everything, even if they NEVER admit it, we all know we are right!