February 16, 2007

Friday roundup

This week has been pretty busy for me. Well not exactly busy just filled with stuff that I havn't been able to write about. I decided to do a weekly roundup to share some exciting things. It could just possible contain every detail about Wednesday, and not the whole week.....

1. It took me an 1 hour and 45 mintues to get home from work Tuesday night. Usually the ride total is 45-50 minutes, once I get to daycare and pick the girls up and get home.

2. I had a snow day on Wednesday. it was nice because it was valentines Day and I could spend it with my loving family. Except, my family wasn't so lovely.

3. Chris did not work Tuesday night because of reason #1. he did try to stay on his midnight shift and stay up all night. the girls woke him up in the morning getting me out of bed...Reason #1 he became crabby

4. I was rinsing the breakfast dishes and the sink began to back up with nasty. Reason #1 I became crabby

5. Because we got several inches of snow, Chris's brother said he would come over and snow blow our driveway and walk. My car got stuck while trying to move it and needed help getting it out. Reason#2 I became crabby

6. While I was outside moving the cars, Alanna escaped the living room gate and was crying by our bedroom door for daddy. Reason#2 he was crabby

7. I came into the house and chris was up so I decided to tell him about the sink...Reason#3 he was crabby

8. Chris has a friend who is a plumber, so he calls him and he tells Chris what to do. It does not work...reason he was crabby#4

9. Chris calls his stepdad and he tells Chris what to do, and we are still waiting to see if it works. See the problem with the sink is it either got partially frozen or there is something REALLY bog and gross blocking the water from going down. Chris put these acid tablets down the pipe to try to get it to "eat" away what ever it there.

10. I didn't have a kitchen sink all day, reason crabby# 3 for me.

11. Chris and I never exchange gifts. I am a really good gift giver for the kids, but when it comes to Chris and I, I lack. Therefore he gets off the hook and so do I. Because of the sink, I don't even think we said Happy V -Day until like 4:00 in the afternoon.

12. Because of the whole sink issue, Chris was up for over 24 hours and still went to work on Wednesday night....reason he was crabby #5 What a trooper.

13. I missed American Idol Wednesday night because I fell asleep on the couch with Hannah at 8:30....reason I was crabby #4 I woke up at 11:00 and put her to bed.

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  1. You need a night off!! Anyone still crabby??