April 12, 2007

Dear Mother Nature,
I know sometimes people ask a lot from you, but this time is different. I also know that sometimes things are out of control and its hard to get back on task. However this is a different situation. A couple of weeks ago it was in the 80 degree range. It was nice, we had the windows open and the kids played outside. If you moved to much you would even sweat. Know I am not a big fan of sweat but at a time like this I would be willing to take it all on. In case you haven't heard my wedding is in 15 days...15 days dear mother and I am asking, no begging you to please send the cold, rainy, windy weather down to our friends in Florida. They do not need the warm weather all the time. They need to share. Please take this into consideration and know that if I always had beautiful weather I would share it for this one special life altering day.

Yours Truly,

P.S. I will send you cake...


  1. I thought about you this morning when I heard the weather!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya that it gets better!!!!

  2. stopping by to say hello. i'm here by way of crazy hip blog mamas!

  3. You make me laugh Tasha!! The weather WILL be perfect for your day:)