August 20, 2007

baby shower

Saturday was my brother in law and wifes baby shower. It was for my nephew Matthew who should be here by the end of Septemeber. It was an outside co-ed babyshower and we had such a good time. The theme of the shower was a Beach theme and the set up was the cutest I've seen yet. They got so many nice things, and it makes me long for a baby boy of my own so bad. Of course I had to make a blanket and it turned out great. Baby Matthew room is in aqua and teal with an underqwater theme...His mommy helped pick this out. Of course now outing would be complete without a picture of Chris and I.

And then there are pictures of Chris and the girls playing..I was taking the pictures.

We all had a really good time. I love outings when we get to be with the family and not have to worry about anything else. Thanks Mike and Lisa for the wonderful time...Can't wait to meet my new baby nephew...


  1. Cute blanket!!

    Looks like you guys/gals had a good time!

  2. Love the blanket-the colors are awesome!