September 20, 2007


Here is the picture of me and the girls at the Princess party at the library last Saturday. The little girl on thr left is Jade, she is my brothers girlfriends little sister..

A few random things that have crossed my mind this week, and I thought I would mention them:
-I have had both my heat and my air on this week
-My mom got fired from her job, that she moved out of state for, for smoking a ciggerette in her car outside of the propery, when she told them she was a smoker (I have no clue?)
-Less than a week for my nephew to be here and less than 10 weeks for my neice, which would put Alanna's 2nd BDay in less than 10 weeks...OMG
-Chris and I have been married almost 5 months, holy cow, I feel old...just kidding
-Alanna is becoming a "real" person. We had our 1st "real" conversation today.
-Today we had a meeting at work about our 401K. WOW, I really had no clue..
-There are a million stupid people in the world for every 1 smart person.
Example: At my job people call me to get health benefits. This particular call has happened several times, different people.
Caller: Can you tell me if marriage counseling is covered?
Me: Marriage Counseling is not a covered benefit, however we do cover individual services.
Caller: Are you sure, because we really need the counseling for marriage?
Me: (getting frusterated already) Yes, I am sure, but I will check one more time.
Me: I'm sorry its still not a covered benefit for any member, would you be interested in indv services?
Caller: (screaming) So you just want us to get a divorce and then pay for mental health services when I am depressed and need medication to survive.
Me: ?????
-I lost 18 pounds people, I have never lost 18 pounds before. Watch out here comes a skinny minnie, sorry I am just super excited!
-I have a web cam, so if anyone else does and you wanna talk, I'm on AIM. Just email me and I will tell you my screen name...We could be face to face.
Thats all for now...


  1. OMG!!! that's so cool you lost almost 20lbs!!!! Congrats Tashi!! Thats so so so so cool! I'm really excited for you!
    (i'm in a weight 'hole' where i can't get out of my 183lbs... no lose or gain, so that's ok)
    Have a nice day!

  2. You go girl with the weight loss!
    Love the picture!
    And, are you serious about your Mom? Hope she is handling it ok! Crazy ... did they not think to just ask her not to do it again? Or was she not even on their property???

  3. What a beautiful group of princesses! Hey, one of the princesses looks a bit thin, has she lost some weight?? You go, girl!!! I'm proud of you (and very jealous too!)

  4. Cute pic! Congrats on the weightloss! That's awesome!