October 30, 2007

What can I say? I've been resting up for NaBloPoMo, and that is where I have been. Really!
Actually I have been taking a little break. Now that the baby shower, is over Alanna's BDay is in 2 weeks. Yes you heard me right, Alanna will be turning 2 in 2 weeks, AHHHHHHH. I finally got the invitations sent out yesterday and some are still sitting in my purse. I now have to plan her party, which by the way is an ice cream social. We are gonna get ice cream and all sorts of toppings and let people dig in and create their own sundaes...Cute huh? Anyways I've been on a search for decorations and presents. Because what do you really get a 2 girls old who has a big sister, who was the first granddaughter?? I have to use my imagination on that one, hehe.
We or should I say Chris and his friend Phil carved pumpkins Sunday night. Hannah is the big one and Alanna is the little one. (See pic above). These are our over priced pumpkins from the apple orchard a couple of weeks ago. Hannah designed her carving and then Phil executed it quite nicely. I designed Alanna's and her daddy tried very hard...LOL. No I'm just kidding he did great. Alanna had lots of fun watching. Check out the whole scene here.
GUESS WHOS COMING TO TOWN??? NO not Santa Clause, MY MOM!!!!! She booked her flight today and will be here Thursday November 29. I cannot wait to see her. In some ways it still seems like she lives around the corner and we have been really busy and haven't gotten to see each other, and then other times I miss her so much, that I cry. I cannot wait, a little over a month...Be prepared for many posts about my mom coming to visit...I am so HAPPY.
We went and visted Baby Matthew today...Well, yes in some ways he is still a baby, however I think porker is a much better word. Little Matty is 1 month old and about 3 days and he weighs over 11 pounds. Yes in the beginning the chubbers weighed 9 pounds, but HOLY COW, this boy is HUGE...In a cuddle and never want to give him back to mommy sort of way. We did have to cut out visit short because one of my children did not nap..cough, Alanna, cough..and was very naughty. I use that word because some others may be inapropriate for some to read, LOL. Alanna is in this phase where if she doesn't get her way she will stand there and scream..Just scream, not cry, whine, no, just scream...Its a great phase...please god let it be a phase. Oh I didn;t tell you. Alanna is 1 week clean of her pacifier. It started with her phase (screaming) last Tuesday. When I got home from work she ran to the corner of the kitchen we used to kep the pacifiers and started screaming anf didn't stop for about an hour or so...I was not about to turn around and give it to her for bed in 20 minutes so I just put her to bed without it....and that was it. She asked for it the next night, but I told her she was a big girl and they were all gone...It was kinda easy, so I've been scared to mention anything about it, but I thought hey its been a week...
Well tomorrow is Halloween. And now that I used up about a weeks worth of blog posts for Novemeber, prepare for some EXTRA cuteness of the girls tomorrow...The pictures of their costumes will be posted tomorrow night....Until then, have a happy night.


  1. Can't wait to see the costumes!!!

  2. Bless you with the screaming phase! ha! Can't wait to see the halloween pics!

    Now...this is the 3rd blog today that has talked about NaBloPoMo...I guess I need to figure out what is going on! ha!

  3. Anonymous3/28/2008

    I love you.
    and I am so sorry for this morning
    I just rally want my camera
    sorry answer me In person


  4. Anonymous3/28/2008

    Alanna said Hi.