November 27, 2007

Day 27, the cat and the tree

Over the weekend we pulled out the Christmas decorations. We have a fake tree, I think its great. We keep it in this big bag called a tree keeper. Its supposed to be water proof, but I think they lied.
Over the summer our cat got locked in the shed for a couple of days, by mistake, don't worry, we rescued him and he was fine..he was only in there for maybe a day or so. Anyways he peed while in the shed and it just happened to be on the Christmas tree bag. This is why I think they lied. The entire bag smelled of THAT smell. We kept it outside a couple of days and it rained and washed the pee off, so we thought it would be fine to bring in the house and set up the tree. Sunday I set the tree up. It smells....like pee, like cat pee.
Chris and I just bought this tree a couple of years ago..It wasn't overly expensive, but it was our tree together...So I left it and hoped the smell would go away...I sprayed fabreeze ALL over the tree...lights too, and when it dried I sprayed it again. The next day I had our baby sitter come sniff around..She doesn't smell anything. The test will be when my mom gets her on Thursday...I'll have her smell around too. Then maybe we'll decorate, we'll see

Did you read that? Up above, it said my momma is coming hom in 2 days....whew who!


  1. Time flies!! It seems like just yesterday Nov 28th seemed like so far away. And here it is. I hope the febreeze worked!

  2. OH NO!!! I knew it would be a good story just from the title! ha! My cats think the Christmas is put up just for them!

    Cat pee is the worst smell - for your sake, I hope it's gone!!!