December 18, 2007

because I have nothing else to say

By now you are probably tired of me talking about being pregnant, but right now I feel like its consuming my life. Oh by the way, get used to it, I have 230 days to talk about being pregnant, LOL. I really do enjoy being pregnant. I feel like its something you should embrace and show off, not hide or forget to talk about it. Right now I am constantly reminded I am pregnant because I have been feeling sick ever since I introduced the idea last week. One minute I feel great and the next, holding it all in because I don't want to be sick.
I did not feel like this with Alanna but I did feel like this with Hannah..The question is when will it stop?

You know what I was just thinking? I have not received 1 Christmas card yet this year...I know I am late getting mine out..Hopefully tomorrow, but is everyone late this year? Maybe we should just postpone Christmas a week, so we can get the shopping done and mail out our cards, what do you think?


  1. Iam a bit late on the draw, but here it goes...
    CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! I figured you were prego after your comment about not being on your diet anymore! At least you have an excuse... me not so much ;)
    Congrats once again and I am looking forward to all your pregnancy posts!

  2. I am so excited that you are preggers!
    I cant wait to see the little toot!
    I agree, we need to add and extra week in before Christmas, i feel so scatter brained!

  3. I am not sick of prego talk...I learn from it for when I need it! ha! Keep it comin'!

    Love the paper counter on the side...great idea!

  4. You should have gotten my card!! Let me know when you do!