December 17, 2007

I'm tired

Well we went to the Christmas party and it was okay. I have been so tired lately that anywhere we go I have been a drag, and of course this was no different. It was fun at first and then everyone started drinking and getting stupid and then it was time to go...

We got a HUGE snow storm over the weekend. I think the news said up to 12 inches in places..I think we got around 8 inches, which if you ask me is 8 inches to many. I am not a fan of the cold or the snow and for that matter Michigan..But I guess its where I call home so I just complain instead of moving, its much cheaper. The Hannah didn't have school today, which meant that all the stuff I had to do today was pretty much in the toilet. I took this day off a couple of weeks ago in order to go to the doctor, and do some much needed Christmas shopping.

I did make it to the doctors today and yup just as we knew it, theres a baby. I had an ultrasound and we seen the heartbeat...Right now its just a blob, but its there..I have such a long way to go....I'm 7 weeks..

Alanna had her post surgery check up today. The tubes look great, and the doctor said she is perfect. He is not worried about her at all but he likes to do a hearing test after the tubes and she wasn't up for it today so we rescheduled for January 21. He said she is absolutely normal and he also thinks she is funny. Alanna had the doctor cracking up the entire time we were there...Where was that sense of humor when we had to stop in at Target this morning??It must have been sleeping still.

Today over all was exhausting and its nap time.

What do you think about the tickers? Do you like, or dislike?


  1. the tickers are gay! JUST KIDDING!!! lol

  2. I like the tickers. I meant to add one to my blog but never got around to it! And I even have Lindsay to help! Oh well.

    Anyway, hope you get some energy soon. I was a worthless bum till at least week 14 with both my pregnancies... didn't help I was pretty sick too. Time will fly and that baby will be here before you know it!

  3. I love snow! Of course, we don't get near as much as you do!

    Are the girls excited about the baby???