December 14, 2007

Call us Crazy

Today I feel a little bit better..except for this nagging feeling of constant hunger. I get so hungry so quick..its 4:17 and I just ate lunch at 12:00, and my stomach is growling...out loud...I think I may gain back my 23 pounds I just lost. I'm still trying to eat as healthy as I can, I'm still following weight watchers for the water and the fruits and veggies, but I don't deny myself if I want that big mac.

Tonight is Chris' work Christmas party, 2 hours away. Call us crazy, but we are going. Chris is supposed to get a Christmas bonus and we DO NOT want to miss out on that. Not with all the Christmas shopping I have to do tomorrow to make up for not shopping in case of the strike. Oh by the way we came to a tenative agreement. We vote on it tomorrow...YAY, no strike 10 days before Christmas. Thanks for all the prayers, I'm sure you all helped out a lot.


  1. yay no strike!! Hope the Chrismas bonus was a good one - I wish teachers got one of those!!

  2. i can see your blog!!! FINALLY!!! after like 2 weeks of half-reading now I can read everything!!!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! I'm so SO excited for you!
    Hope you're feeling well, the doc's appointment goes well and you have a wonderful day!!!