December 5, 2007

never stopping for a mintue

I thought for a moment that once Novemeber was over I would have a free second. Boy was I wrong. with the holidays, work and the kids, things are more hectic than ever. Just like october and Novemeber, the month of December has no down time. There is something planned for every weekend coming up.

Alanna's surgery for her tubes is scheduled for friday December 7. I just got the call from the nurse and the time is set for 7:15 am. She really calmed my nerves down a lot by explaining all the details. But boy do they ask a lot of questions. Hannah doesn't want to go to school that day. She said she would like to be there to support her little sister. That just ,elted my heart, so I think I might be a softly that day and let her skip out just this once. I mean the poor girl hasn't missed 1 day yet, I don't think this one day will hurt. So all of us will be there for Alanna. I'm nervous. But excited to help her.

Work has been absolutley crazy too. I've gotten in so much over time, that will be nice for Christmas, but not so nice lately when I get home at 7:00 and still have to cook dinner. I do want to apologize to my blogger friends, if I haven't commented as much as I should be, I'm just so tired.
I've been hesitant to mention this but I might as well, because its a pretty big thing. I belong to a union..This is our 1st year the contract is up from the 1st sign up and things are not going well. If we don't have an agreement on the contract in about 10 days, a possible strike may take effect. Nioce to have the holidays off, not so nice for thw paycheck..I'm praying it doesn't come to the strike, but who knows right now.

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  1. Urgh! I just typed a LONG comment and lost it! Computers!!

    I will say prayers on Friday for all to go smoothly. And, as a teacher, I give Hannah a free pass! LOL! What a sweetie for wanting to be there for her sister!

    Try not to worry about the strike until it happens. They usually work it out at the LAST minute!

    Happy Hectic Holidays! :-)