May 2, 2008

baby no name no more

I haven't talked much about baby boy lately. I thought today would be a good day. Notice how I called him baby boy and not baby no name. Yup thats right baby boy now has an official name. I hounded and hounded Chris and finally at our anniversary diner we decided on a name that is perfect for our family. We are still thinking about keeping it a secret. Select few family members do know. Because HEllO I had to have my moms approval and if she knew, Chris' mom had to know. Then Hannah let it slip to my sister so she knows and then my SIL had to know because she writes the BEST poems and she will be giving one to this baby and needed the top secret info..But thats it I swear..No more, well Lindsey when you come over I do accept bribes, mostly with food...

I also forgot to talk about our anniversary. My sister took the girls for the night. Chris and I mostly hung out and cleaned the shed out. How exciting are we? not much fun can be done when your bloated and tired and that was just Chris, hehe..
We went to dinner at Olive Garden and stuffed our faces.. It was sort of funny though because as we were waiting for our food Chris and I both commented on how quiet it was without the girls..Crazy us we finally get away for one night and we talk about how lonely without the kids we are...So romantic. Overall though it was a great anniversary and I can;t wait to spend 50 more years with my husband.


  1. Dinner and organizing sound like a perfect anniversary to me! :-) May you get your wish and have 50 more happy years!

    So, how can I find out this baby's name?? Are you taking bids? ha!

  2. Anonymous5/02/2008

    Oh, so sweet!

    (..and if Lori and Lindsey get to know the name, then I do too!!!! We come as a package!!)

  3. I WILL be bribing you with some food girl!!!