May 1, 2008

Need some advice please.

Today is like every other day..
Wake up,
get ready for work,
go to work,
sit in traffic,
leave work..
Actually I haven't made it that far yet..I'm still stuck at the work part of the day. I'm in a funk. I hate my job. I am looking forward to maternity leave more than I am having another baby. Not getting the buyout really hurt the dreams Chris and I have for our family. However we are still trying to organize our finances. One day we are hoping that I won't have to work and can stay home with our babies. We have a plan in motion, that we are working on right now, but then the occasional what if pops up. What if something happens to Chris' job is the main concern..For those moms and dads that stay at home, how did you measure all the good vs bad to make your decision..I would love some advice.


  1. Oh... I wish I could give you some good advice. I didn't want to go back to work after I had my first son, so I started working from home. It took some time to get a plan in motion, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Is there anything you could do from home? Portions of your job now?

  2. I wish I had magic words more then anything. After we had Travis and I was able to stay home I felt lucky but still worried daily about money. Still do.... that is why I design blogs and teach Strollerfit. It is NOT a lot but it makes me feel a little better since I can buy my junk with a different income. I would just make sure you have savings and just like Audrey said... try and find something you can do at home. It will help!
    If you want to chat a little more about this, send me an email and we can chit chat

  3. Money will always be an issue in our house. I stay at home, but it means a lot of sacrifices. We're on a tight budget, we're saving for a holiday - in *2012* - so many things we have to delay or not buy at all. But we both just knew we'd prefer to have our children looked after at home. So we make do. I hope you can find the right balance for your family..

  4. Is there something you could do from home maybe or part-time instead of full-time? I have no idea b/c I know I couldn't afford to stay at home, but it would be nice to have your kiddo's in daycare!

  5. Anonymous5/02/2008

    Well, as you know Tasha, I'm one of the few lucky ones that actually work from home so I never really had to leave my baby. I got lucky though, most are not as fortunate. I'm not sure, but I think if you wait until the PERFECT time to make a change you'll never do it. Wait until we can afford it, wait until we get this paid off, or that paid off, or hubby gets a raise, etc. It will just never end. I think you just have to DO it and learn to live differently inside your means. There's always going to be the "what if" thing. IF that happens, then you'll come up with a solution. (Have I talked you into quitting yet?) Good luck, I'm sure you'll make the right decision.

  6. I'm not preggo but I feel the exact same way you do right now. Funk. The routine is killing me and I am so frustrated with my job. If we could just hit the lotto, ya know?? Keep working on your finances is all I can think of. Sock every penny you can onto debt and into savings if it's possible. You can make it happen Tasha...you can.