April 30, 2008

Chris and I live in a manufactured home, aka mobile home, aka trailer. They have actually come along way since the beginning, and if I may so so myself, ours is quite nice. It has an open layout and its really big. We have 3 nice size bedrooms, a family room, living room, dining room, 2 bathrooms, and a laundry room. Here are some pictures from when we first moved in.
(That background is important for what I am about to tell you.)

For about the last week, week and a half there has been a faint foul odor in the house. At first maybe we thought there was a milk sippy cup forgotten somewhere, or maybe a dirty diaper escaped our views..but then we started to smell it outside, our minds started to change. The smell would shift throughout the house too. One day it would be in the second bathroom, the next in the living room, but it never completely went away. When the heat came on it became stronger, which made Chris think that something was in the furnace. The smell began to get worse and worse as the days went on and yesterday it was really bad, this motivated by husband to began his search of the source of this terrible smell. Each person who smelled it described it a different way, I said, stale blood, Chris said dead, just dead, and a friend said maybe a dead mouse. Sorry if those descriptive words are a bit graphic, but this is nothing compared to what happened next.
Last night a friend came over to visit and Chris nominated him to help in the search. They were on the roof checking the fireplace vents, and the furnace vents to make sure they were animal free. Next Chris was checking the outside of the house, and the furnace. Finally he checked under our house where all the pipes and wires are. Now I had been begging him to please check under the house for the last 3 hours during daylight, but he would not listen. Finally he checked under the house and when he returned from outside he was white and shaky. He told us we needed to come outside because something big just happened. He would not say at first. We went out back and looked under the house and there about 5 feet in, right under the laundry room was a 25-30 pound raccoon, hanging on my dryer vent next to our hot water line, dead. The smell was incredible. The stench was 100 times worse than what was being brought in the house. Right away the gag reflexes started and I could not handle it anymore. I had to go back in the house.
Cutting to the end, Chris wrapped his face in a pillow case, that he sprayed with my perfume to distract from the foul smell, and 3 grocery bags on each hand to protect from the disease ridden animal, he marched outside. he crawled under the house and pulled out the animal. It was decomposing already and the fur was falling off. Maggots started to fall out of the body. Chris could barely hang on to the tail as he put the animal in a garbage bag. The stench in the house is still there, hopefully soon it will linger away...But for now this is my story that I had to share.

I have pictures, is that to graphic? If you want to see them, leave me a comment or email me, and I will send them personally to you to view.


  1. Gross!!!! I had a similar experience with an opossum that crawled under the deck...it got all bloated and nasty and yuck! I can pass on the pics! ha!

    So, did Chris ever say "I should've listened to you and checked under the house? " ha!

  2. Anonymous5/02/2008

    Gross! I had a similar experience as well with a mouse, but it was my car that stunk and not the house. At the apartment where I used to live my assigned parking lot was next to the trash dumpster so I was constantly battling rodents in my car. This mouse actually got caught in the engine? (I think) and had nibbled through some wires or something. The stink was awful and eventually my car died too (which is how we discovered the mouse...) I better ask for the photos -- not because I want to see them but my hubby (being the gross guy he is) would be very interested!

  3. OMG is that gross!!! Holy crap is your hubby a man or what!!! He gets lots of brownie points for that one!!! Ewwwwwwwwww!

  4. How Gross!!!! Glad you found out what was the cause of the smell though! :)