May 12, 2008

Good News!

I am so excited. I entered this contest at Simple last week, and look what I won. I really like the chocolate and aqua dots. I'm hoping Alanna will like it too. I have tried babywearing with Alanna but I started when she was around 18 months, she didn't really like it much, she was more into running around free. With this baby I want to start early..I keep checking all these sites to pick the very best one. I just can't make up my mind which I like the best..
I have about 12 weeks left to decide.
The 7 month post will be coming tomorrow.

And some good news to share, both Kylees mom and Matthews mom started their own blogs over the weekend. Head over and share some love. They both have a few kinks to work out, but they are both fun ladies and the babies are 2 cute for words. And I am not biased at all, I swear!


  1. Anonymous5/12/2008

    Lucky girl!!! Congrats on the win.

  2. Nice site!
    Lindo e muito interessante.

  3. Too cute.
    I sell baby wraps, my son loves his.
    I'm sure she'll love the snuggles, too!

  4. Look at that - you inspired someone to start a blog...I am sure you had something to do with it! :-)

    congrats on the win!!