May 9, 2008

Mom Select

The last couple of months I have done a few reviews for a company called BSM Media. The people over there have been great to work with and I really enjoy communicating with them. BSM Media has been working to help companies speak to moms about products and brands in a relevant manner. Maria Bailey, BSM Media's CEO and author of "Marketing to Moms," works to educate companies on the buying power of mothers, the intelligence that they apply to purchasing products and solutions they seek for their family via value, price, safety, health and enrichment.
Maria and the BSM media staff have started a new site to pull moms and companies together even more. Mom Select allows you to choose what aspects your interested in, they are fun, educational and empowering and allow you to share free samples with friends, host in home parties or review the newest products for moms. Best of all, YOU get to choose the programs! Check out Mom Select and sign up today. I already did!


  1. I'll pass this along to my Mommy friends.

  2. i made a blog how do i add you??? im so confused...

  3. Off to check it out. Very interesting.

  4. I'm all signed up, too. Love love love Maria and BSM!

    Happy Mother's Day!


  5. I signed up for it too....we will see!